Biography of Daniel Aaron Dienes

Born Adelaide, South Australia, 20 June 1964. Parents : Nigel Anthony Dienes and Ethne Mack. Schooled in Adelaide, matriculating from Prince Alfred College in 1981. Studied Geology, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and obtained a B.Sc. degree with Honours in 1989 from the University of Adelaide. Having gained a postgraduate scholarship through the Australian Petroleum Research Council, I continued academic studies at the University and was awarded a M.Sc. degree first class, from the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, University of Adelaide (1993), thesis entitled “Seismic and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Candice Terrace and Preston Shelf, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia”.

Upon graduation, I undertook the position of Geophysicist with the Geophysical Research Institute at the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales. In this role I gained valuable experience in the utilisation of Potential Field Geophysics (Magnetics and Gravitational methods) for mineral detection and mine planning, experience that would serve me well in my future professional career. This work took me all over Australia, and during one memorable visit to the central Victorian Goldfields, I likely made my finest discovery; that of my future wife, Katrina.

Married, March 29 1997, to Katrina Joy Hancock, St. Arnaud, Victoria.

Soon after, I took up the position of Senior Geophysicist with an integrated Seismic acquisition, processing and research company (Velseis Pty. Ltd) in Brisbane Queensland. In mid-1997, Katrina and I relocated from Armidale in NSW and bought our first home in central Brisbane. My initial work at Velseis was concerned with digital signal processing, which allows for the generation of stacked seismic subsurface images – a process analogous to ultra sound technology or, in layman’s terms, a highly refined echo ranging of the subsurface. For the past few years, my professional responsibilities, as Senior Geophysicist, have focused on the supervision and mentoring of junior Geoscientists, and on the provision of technical exploration support for the Queensland Coal Industry. In this latter capacity, I provide geotechnical evaluation of the stratigraphic and structural attributes of subsurface coal seam distributions, as derived from 2D and 3D seismic volumes. Such technical support is essential in optimising upstream (production) logistics and mine planning.

In terms of my family life story, because of an early parental separation, I had no contact with the Dienes family for a substantial period. This situation was rectified upon my discovery of this Dienes family website in 2009. Reconnecting with my family has been one of my happiest life achievements. It has brought me identity, wholeness, and clarity. In 2010, I was honoured to become Godfather to my Cousin Rilka’s youngest child Rome.

Katrina and I were also fortunate enough to travel to Nova Scotia in 2011 and reunite with my Grandfather Zoltan and my Uncle Bruce, along with Auntie Gwen, Sarah, and Jancis – not to forget my wonderful brothers and sisters.

I now live with my beautiful wife and 2 Maine Coon cats, in a delightful heritage Queenslander home, in Ipswich, Queensland.